Become an Early Adopter

Love brewing and technology? Join our closed beta and use BrewLog for free.

Help us make BrewLog awesome.

We’re looking for brewers who are passionate about brewing and technology to be involved in the direction of our product development. As engineers and brewers, we have our own ideas on how BrewLog should work - but we need you, our potential customer, to help us make it the best it can be.

As an early adopter you can:

  • Use BrewLog for free for your first 6 months (or longer if we really like you)
  • Directly influence our development pipeline and provide product feedback
  • Suggest additional features, user interface improvements, and enhancements to be implemented

Also, being one of the first people behind the product, you can reserve your special place for the future, such as joining our team or becoming an investor.

If you’d like to become a BrewLog beta tester, email us at